Literal Latté Magazine

Out of the Blue, published as SECOND Prize Winner in Literal Latté Magazine, December, 2015, New York.
An Original Sin, published as FIRST Prize Winner in Literal Latté Magazine, November, 2014, New York.

Ten Stories High

I.D., published as FIRST runner up in Ten Stories High, Vol. 14, March, 2014 (Canadian Authors Association).
Ten Stories High (2017) Canadian Authors Association, "Wish You Were Here" (2016) First Prize.

From the judge (André Narbonne):

"Wish You Were Here" is smart and engaging. The pursuit of a postage stamp is the pursuit of meaningful connection in a tale of miscommunication and invisibility. It is a story abundant with wordplay in which language proves reductive, making strangers of everyone--even family--and relegating lived experience to scrapbook flotsam. The mark of great writing is great sentences, and "Wish You Were Here" is full of them.


Literary Journal Award First Prize for "Defiled" (2014)

From the judge (Manuel Munoz):

"What's remarkable about Colin Brezicki's "Defiled" is the striking balance achieved in the meandering desires and shifting attentions of its protagonist...showing how adolescence is at once the strong need to be private with one's feelings and the intense urge to speak them out."

JK Galbraith Award

Scribes Valley

Lose Yourself (2017) Scribes Valley Publishing, Knoxville, Tennessee Nothing to Write Home About (3rd Place)